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Welcome to The Trove

Here at Ivy Trove, we believe that creativity and mindfulness go hand in hand, which is why our workshops are designed to let you express your inner creative in a unique and meaningful way. We specialise in teaching Beginners and pride ourselves on using high quality, earth conscious materials, giving you an extra sense of fulfilment throughout your artistic journey.


We create an unforgettable atmosphere of inspiration from hosting small intimate gatherings to big celebrations and larger scale events as well as offering you DIY kits with filmed step by step tutorials and unique handmade home decor.

If you're interested in learning the historic and limitless art of Macrame or purchasing a pre made or custom piece, you have plenty of creative outlets to choose from here. Join us in person for a live workshop class or live online, you can also learn Terrarium style pot planting and Plant care, you may have a new idea or inspo, looking for the perfect gift or needing to fill a space in your home or office with something unique & locally handmade. We have something for everyone!


We can’t wait for you to join The Tribe X

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Public Workshops

Ready to unleash your creative side and meet some new like minded people?


We offer a range of bespoke Macrame workshops & Events for anyone to join in on and have a good laugh along the way!


Whether you're an experienced crafter or a total beginner, our workshops are designed to inspire and challenge you, all while having fun with friends, loved ones and new connections.

We can't to have you join us!

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Private Classes & Events

We specialise in Corporate & Associations, Get togethers, Hens party/Bridal showers, Team building sessions, Birthdays - Adults/Teens/Kids, Date ideas, Festivals.


The list goes on!

No excuse or experience needed to book an unforgettable and creative 1 on 1 or group event that is completely exclusive to you.

It's completely obligation free to enquire so make sure to get in touch anytime!

Hayley Ryan Ivy Trove Macrame Workshop Host Teacher

Hayley Ryan

The Workshop Host and cheeky human behind Ivy Trove.

Hello you!

I'm 35, a bit nuts, sometimes funny, sometimes calming and the teacher behind over 100+ Macrame & Pot Planting Workshops & Events since launching in 2018.


I've always had a creative spark and curiosity since I was really young which definitely came from both of my parents collective passions. I discovered the historic art of Macramé around 8 years ago while I was studying Horticulture and creating terrariums to sell. Yes, I'm also one of the crazy plant ladies!

When I stumbled across Macrame on YouTube, this timeless craft instantly felt so familiar, as it does for mostly everyone once they see what this beautiful fibre art is. 


The mind therapy and relaxation that comes with this art of knotting is seriously priceless! It is extremely helpful for mental health and finding some calm amongst the chaos, which is where my journey got even more passionate.

If you'd like to know more about me, how I started workshops and all the things, head over to the About Page!

Cheers X

You'll find the latest news on Instagram @ivytrove

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