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Welcome to my Treasure Trove!
Here you'll find too much info X

Hellllooo my darlings,

I'm Hayley Ryan, the sole creator behind Ivy Trove. A 35 year old, bright, cheeky natured and very passionate human.

Currently I'm based in Brisbane! I share a little workshop space in Newstead and I drive around in my van full of recycled cotton cords, beautiful plants, pots, racks and bit & bobs. My goal is to always host a fun, memorable & creative workshop from Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay and surrounding areas!


Since forever, I've been a crazy plant lady looking for her next creative project (Thank you for the green thumb and creative gene Dad). I’ve tried tons of outlets to express myself over the many years - creating dream catchers, candles, resin art, terrariums, pot planting design, drawing (mostly just trees), painting, sun catchers...The list goes on. I'm a big advocate for handmade gifts too so this makes it much easier. A lot of my background is visual merchandising & retail as well as being a hoarder of antique/vintage retro collectables, records & books etttccc.


My dream has always been to have my own beautiful eclectic workshop space that anyone can come and enjoy! Creating a more organic and wholesome way to connect and reconnect humans to themselves and others.


In 2017 I was studying my Diploma of Horticulture and I had a little side hobby propagating/growing plants/moss then designing and selling terrariums. The glass globes only came with a string of twine to hang with (borrinnggg) which led me to doing some research and I came across the familiar and historic art of Macramé (Mac-rah-may, Ma-crah-may.. same same). I propped myself on the floor with the jute twine roll that I had, grabbed a hanging glass globe, found a YouTube video and before I knew it, I had truly found myself completely hooked - regardless of having to convert inches/feet to cm/metres from the vids (why do we have to use different metric systems? haha..) I now had a more stunning way to hang my glass eco systems in their new homes, then pot hangers & wall hangings started to make their way out of my new found obsession.


When I realised how much it helped me with my mental health along with being able to effortlessly focus (which I struggle with immensely - neurodivergent) I delved deep into this limitless art and seriously couldn't stop.

It felt like more than just a creative project but a real passion that also combined itself perfectly with my planty passions.

Leading from my own personal journey, I proudly donate $1 for every Public Workshop ticket sold to Black Dog Institute that goes towards mental health research and development.

Ivy Trove was born in October 2018 with my first online handmade décor shop! Selling my pieces was a dream and I just had to try spread more of this kind of creativity and mind therapy around to as many people as I could. 5 months later I hosted my first workshop on 30.3.2019. Teaching came naturally as I'm a massive people person and love nothing more than chatting and having a laugh. We created the pot hanger and plant potting for my first class, then came the Wall hanging design, Private & Public Workshops, DIY Kits, Step by Step Tutorials, Online Workshops and the rest is history!


Since then, I’ve hosted over 100+ workshops for public and private events both in person and live online as well as offering DIY kits with a filmed step by step tutorial. To name a few that have trusted me with their project; Woman's Day Magazine, NAIDOC Festival, UQ, Ravenswood Woman in Art Campaign, Macquarie bank, Botanika Festival, LEAF Festival, Child Care centre events, Allied Health, Alfred Health, Leaf Festival, Koala Eco photo shoot, Google, NDIS association, Sexual Violence Centre, Coles, Mates4Mates, Logan City Council, Podcasts, Deaf groups w/ interpreters, ClassBento articles and projects, Alzheimer's Association QLD and the list continues to grow as I get to spread my love, laughter and passions further.


I love to play my part for this earth and have always been an unconsciously 'earth conscious' human. The little things with my business that count are about using 100% recycled cotton cord, source local and recycled products where possible, propagate my own and locally source plants, donate the left over cuttings and cardboard spools to local day cares, centres & schools. It all adds up!

There are incredible creative communities throughout the globe offering endless support and motivation and I am so grateful to be a part of it! 
Come and join us any time and ignite a new passion, push your comfort zone and enjoy yourself! You don't need any experience at all to learn this craft, just a little bit of patience and an open mind. Any one can do it!


There's a heap of tricks up my sleeve to help guide you along the way during your creative escape. I am forever learning to make the process even easier, more understandable and enjoyable for all. You are guaranteed to have a good laugh along the way whether it's online or in person. You're in for a real treat!

I'm also an NDIS sole trader for self managed clients so come and join me in a public or private group or get in touch anytime about a 1 on 1 workshop too!

Thank you for reading all the way down to here, I'm good for a chat anytime as you have probably gathered. If you want to have a squiz at some of the things I get to do, please jump onto my Instagram page @ivytrove. 

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime through the contact form, or 0406586828.


I can't wait to hopefully see you at an event soon.


Hayley X

100% recycled cotton

The cords I use during my workshops or for my pieces are 100% recycled cotton. 

Re-recycling donations

The left-over cords cutting and spools are donated to local day care & childcare centres to be reused for their arts & craft.

Locally sourced

Supporting Australian as much as possible: pots, plants, wooden rings and driftwood

When you purchase from Ivy Trove, you can trust that it is an earth conscious, unique handmade creation that embraces my personal style, all of my care, OCD, love and passion! 

Oh, and about the name?

Ivy can flourish in almost all environments and on top of its beauty, it is well known for being a hardy plant. You can propagate from the same plant and each time it will grow a unique new colour and pattern, just like us. It is a fascinating plant and - you guessed it - one of my favourites!

A Trove is where you find valuable and delightful things. 


Here at Ivy Trove, you will discover new ways of igniting your passions, building confidence and of course, learning new creative skills.

Live Creatively, always X

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